The main functions of the stores department are:

  • The major function of the stores department is to provide 100% custody of hospital equipment and come up with proper storage systems to avoid breakages and theft on daily bases.
  • This can be achieved through monitoring the movements of all hospital movable assets through Ministry of health and hospital control systems. Stores department ensure that all assets are properly recorded in asset register book, distributed and are kept well by the respective heads of departments
  • It is also the stores responsibility to receive and inspect all incoming goods. They check whether the goods conform to the specifics lay down on the comparative sheet if not, goods can be rejected. Goods can be inspected upon arrival as per hospital policy.
  • In addition to that, the stores department is responsible for coming up with proper ways of storing goods for future use and also to store all disposable items. However for stores to dispose scrap a board of survey is conducted, and if the board recommends so, the head of department will seek the approval from the Ministry of Health.
  • It is also the stores function to maintain 100% stock re-order levels to avoid shortages all year round. This can be achieved by maintaining buffer stock. Stock tacking as a function of stores is done 6 months. It is sometimes called periodic stock tacking. This involves the physical counting of items in stock comparing against calculated stock. This is done to reduce theft and also to maintain value of items
  • Buffer stock or policy stock is kept to cutter for unforeseen delay during the lead time.
  • Notification and distribution of goods are some of the activities conducted by the stores department. The stores department is there to ensure 100% notification and distribution of goods to user departments. All wards and departments are notified of the goods in stock by giving them a list of products in stock.