School Of Midwifery


The school was established in 1962 under the auspices of the Medical council of Southern Rhodesia in terms of the Nurses, Midwives, Masseurs and persons Registration Act (Chapter 207) of 1947.

The purpose of the School is to train midwives with the highest level of knowledge, skill and attitude to function competently at all levels of the maternal and child health care delivery systems

Midwives are mandated by the Zimbabwean Society to reduce maternal and under five mortality and morbidity rates which are currently very high.


Training Programme

The school of midwifery enrols students three times a year. Currently there are 120 students in training. The training programme last for 1 calendar year.


Course of training

The students undergo a block release type of training in which theoretical instruction is alternated with practical work under supervision by qualified clinical instructors and Midwives in the 200 bedded Maternity Hospital.


Student Evaluation

During the course of training the students undergo formative evaluation through two end of block theoretical examinations as well as three practical examinations conducted in the clinical area.

Thereafter the students write two final examinations papers set by the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe.

A total of 2630 midwives have graduated from the school since 1962.