Psychiatric Hospital

Mission Statement

The psychiatric unit seeks to excel in the provision of quality mental health services to all its clients through a holistic approach using the Bio- Psycho-Social Model of care realising its objectives and the psychology section provide an efficient and effective psychological management and counselling services as an integrated compliment of the hospital overall strategy of promoting health and quality for its customers.

To be the best provider of highest possible mental health care to the clients, thus improving the health status of the population.

Background Information

The psychiatric Hospital started functioning well before 1958 as a transit centre for patients to Ingutsheni Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

It is a 110 bedded with 3 wards:

  1. Male with 32 beds
  2. Female with 32 beds
  3. Admission ward with 46 beds

Psychiatric outpatients in an old residential house. The facility is for adult’s 16 years and above. There is an occupational therapy department day centre that caters for patients who need rehabilitation. There is the halfway house situated in the southern area catering for six rehabilitees.


It’s a specialist service rendered by Registered Mental Nurses and Psychiatrists.


  1. Assessment and admission of patients.
  2. Counselling and pycho-therapy.
  3. Occupational therapy and rehabilitation.
  4. Health education to clients and relatives.