Maternity Hospital

Harare Maternity Hospital is the biggest referral centre in the country for:-

1.    High risk maternal patients during

  • Antenatal
  • Intra-Partum
  • Post Natal

2.  Neonatal Patients


On 2nd December 1977, the Obstetric and Neo-Natal Wing was opened by the Honourable M.P ROWAN CONJE.

Patients attended to rose drastically to about 12000 and there was drastic shortage of resources both materials.

October 1986, The Family planning component of the reproductive health was implemented. The hospital has 180 beds for adults and 100 beds for neonates.

Mission, Responsibilities and Activities Of Maternity.

Harare Maternity Hospital is a referral and training centre which provides quality specialist care to all referral and complicated Maternity patients. Our mission is to have a healthy mother and baby.


Harare Maternity is a training hospital for:

  1. Student Nurses
  2. Midwives(student)
  3. Medical Students
  4. M Med students
  5. In service training.

Antenatal Care

The antenatal clinic operates for five days a week. It caters mostly for referrals from the local clinics.

Activities at the clinic include:

  1. Booking of clients and health education.
  2. Screening patients for conditions.
  3. PMTCT programme initiation.
  4. Post-Natal examinations at six weeks

Antenatal Wards

It manages pregnant mothers with complications.

Post Natal Wards

Care of mothers and babies post delivery. Mothers and babies are discharged by doctors after being examined by the midwives. The normal deliveries are discharged after 24hours and then operated mothers by the 3rd or 4th day.

Family Planning Unit

The Unit Caters for staff, students patients and clients from home. Activities are as follows:

  1. Issuing oral contraceptives and condoms
  2. Inserting of IUCD and noplant.
  3. Postal abortal care
  4. Cancer screening
  5. Labour Ward

Safe deliveries are done by both midwives and doctors. Monitoring of high risk patients.

Early Labour Ward

This is the high care unit for complicated obstemic patients hourly to assess and manage clients, consultants and registers man the ward.

Neonatal Unit

It comprises of 5 wards namely:

  1. Isolation ward
  2. Observation ward
  3. Transitional ward
  4. Prem I
  5. Kangaroo unit


1.    Safe Mother Hood

  • Antenatal care
  • Safe delivery to include surgical interventions (Caeserian Sections)
  • Post Natal Care
  • Neonatal Care
  • Family Planning Care

2.   Immunization

For mothers and their new borns.

3.   PMTCT

  • HIV counselling and testing
  • MER 14

4.   Breast Feedin

5.   Infection Control
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