Harare Central Hospital?

Harare Hospital

Harare Hospital has 1200 beds and is situated in the Southerton District of Greater Harare. It is the biggest referral Centre in Zimbabwe, and also takes cases from the SADC region. In addition, the Hospital is the main service Hospital for the 1 500 000 residents in Greater Harare, plus a number of the adjoining rural areas. Since 1966 it has been the Interim Teaching Hospital for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zimbabwe.

How do we reach the hospital ?

How do we reach the hospital ?

Harare Central Hospital,
P.O Box ST14, Southerton
Harare, Zimbabwe.
Tel: 04-621100-19

Fax: 04-621157

E-mail: info@hararehospital.gov.zw

Number of staff members at the hospital?

Harare Hospital has well over 2 000 staff and there are full time Government Consultants in the major specialties, supported by Seasonal Consultants. In addition, Professors and Lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine work at the Hospital. Clinical training for medical students is given at the Hospital, which is internationally recognized as a Centre for compulsory internships and for post graduate training leading to specialist qualifications.