Adult General Hospital


The Adult General Hospital caters for all adult clients /patients who have medical, surgical and gynaecological conditions. It is a referral institution and it receives patients referred from other health institution like Provincial Hospitals, District Hospital, City Health Clinics, Mission Hospitals and Private Doctors. It has total bed capacity of 500. The hospital has a casualty adult department which is open for emergencies 24 hours a day and an OPD where patients are treated and sent home or admitted. The hospital has Theatres that provide quality care to all clients needing Surgical Intervention.


The hospital has the following departments:

  1. The Department of Surgery
  2. The department of Medicine
  3. The emergency department
  4. Department of obstetrics an gynaecology
  5. Outpatients department


  1. To provide individualized, Nursing care to all admitted patients.
  2. To provide quality health care training and supervision to all health care givers and clients,
  3. To conduct and support  research programmes with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of healthcare delivery to the admitted patients.


  1. To provide psycho-social support and to minimise hospital stay.
  2. To be advocates for clients/patients.
  3. To improve nursing care standards through researches and utilising the results.
  4. To educate and counsel the patients /clients.
  5. Handle the clients /patients with respect.


  1. Individual Nursing Care using the nursing care process.
  2. Monitor and review procedure manuals
  3. Encourage inter departmental and inter hospital communication through meetings.
  4. Plan, implement, and evaluate all activities
  5. Health education to patients and relatives

 Available Services

  1. Adult Medical Services
  2. General Surgery
  3. Othopaedic Surgery
  4. Ear, Nose and Throat(ENT)  Services
  5. Gynaecology Services
  6. Intensive Care Services
  7. Haemodialysis (Renal Unit)
  8. Diabetic Special Care
  9. Urology
  10. Adult Opportunistic Clinic
  11. Skin Clinic
  12. Adult Burns Care
  13. HIV Counselling and Testing.