Ward adoption launch by NSSA

On 31 March NSSA launched its social corporate responsibility project to Harare Central Hospital in which it will renovate Ward C4. The function was held in Ward C4 from 0830hrs to 1030hrs.

NSSA  adopted the Orthopaedic Ward (C4) in which it will renovate and maintain the floors and walls in order to improve health service delivery and foster community development. Through the corporate social responsibility project NSSA seeks to work hand in glove with the hospital to create a suitable and comfortable environment for patients.

The project is also important as it helps Harare Central Hospital to walk along the route towards its vision of quality service delivery.

The Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Honourable P Mupfumira and other members from NSSA and Harare Central Hospital painted a small portion of ward C4 to show their support  for the renovation of the ward (Ward C4).

Commemoration of the World Health Day and official opening of the refurbished psychiatric inpatient and newly constructed outpatient department and launch of mental health discharge guidelines.

On the 7th of April 2017 Harare Central Hospital held a function to commemorate the World Health Day and to officially open the refurbished psychiatric inpatient and newly constructed outpatient department and launch of mental health discharge guidelines.

The function was held at Harare Psychiatric Hospital car park from 9am to 1pm.Several members from Harare Central Hospital, Medicines Sans Frontiers, Non-Governmental Organizations, Ministry of Health and Child Care, students from Southerton Primary School and Harare High School witnessed the event.

The Theme of the World Health Day

“DEPRESSION- LETS TALK ABOUT IT” was very appropriate and fitting for official opening of the new developments at the Psychiatric Unit. There was great emphasis on awareness. The focal point was to inform people about depression and how to prevent or treat it.  To disseminate the information about depression flyers were given to those who attended the function.

School of Nursing choir helped to disseminate information about depression through their expertly composed songs.

Dr Chibanda clarified that even though drugs were essential in the treatment of depression and other mental health conditions they cannot fully address the issue of depression, thus he called for community based care. He said that there is need to train and motivate the community to support those who are mentally ill .He emphasized need for change in the way we think and our perception about mental health.

Then it was time for Dr. Madhombiro who is the Head of Psychiatric Division, who stated some of the challenges faced in the running of the Psychiatric unit. He mentioned the need for a constant supply of water to the Psychiatric Unit and suggested the drilling of a borehole dedicated to the Unit. He also bemoaned the unit’s kitchen that has remained unfinished for a long of time due to lack of funds. The kitchen is very important for patients to get their food whilst it is still warm.

The Head of Medecins Sans Frontieres, mission Abi Kebra Belaye advocated for more mental specialists and drugs for the hospital .She also added that there is need to stop stigmatization and discrimination of those who are mentally ill.

World Health Organization country representative Dr D Okello said more people are suffering from depression worldwide yet in some continents like Africa they are few psychiatric hospitals Therefore there is need to mobilise adequate human resources in order to improve services for the people who are mentally ill.

He went on to say that government should work together with civil society and community to prevent depression. He also said the government should urge schools to form support groups for counselling.

Dr. Okello appealed for better social treatment to those who are mentally ill and he also urged Zimbabweans to make mental health a priority since there is no health without mental health.

Minister of Health and Child Care Dr P David Parirenyatwa; spoke about the aspect of communication being of utmost importance in preventing depression. He went on to appreciate the staff at the Psychiatric Unit for their commitment and he also appreciated MSF for renovating Inpatient department and constructing the new Outpatient department and also for donating the CCTV.

Finally, the top table team and other people had proceeded to witness the unveiling of the plaque as a symbol of the official opening by the guest of honour, Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr David Parirenyatwa.

 By  Olience Kuyangepi