Celebration Health Hands Over Paeds Theatre

HARARE CHILDREN’S Hospital theatres received a major boost on 19 March 2015 when Celebration Health officially handed over Operating Theatre Room Three (OR3).
The expansion project for OR3 was embarked on in 2013 but construction earnestly began on May 31 2014 with the work being completed during the first week of July 2014. Completion of the theatre complemented other already existing and functional theatres as surgeries began taking place shortly after completion of the project.
Celebration Health also managed to engage and source for essential equipment for the theatre which was donated to Harare Children’s Hospital on 14 June 2014. Speaking at the occasion for the official handover, Harare Central Hospital chief executive officer Ms Peggy Zvavamwe said the hospital was grateful for the work done by Celebration Health.

She also said it was the wish of the hospital that the partnership between the two organisations would grow for the sake of the children.

“We are grateful for all the work that Celebration Health has done for us and we wish that you could stay so that our partnership grows for the sake of the little ones,” she said.

Speaking at the same occasion, in his capacity as Executive Director for Celebration Health Dr Katurura said though their efforts were spurned by challenges it was only the beginning as they expected to do more.

“It was not easy for our team and the challenges we faced spurned our efforts. This is only the beginning as we expect to do more,” said Dr Katurura.

He went on to say that they were grateful for the opportunity they were granted by the hospital and they would continue channelling resources at the Children’s Hospital since it was the only Children’s Hospital in the country.

In response, Dr Mbuwayesango appreciated the effort saying such an initiative would serve the whole country and they had since doubled the number of operations since OR3 began surgeries in July.