State Of The Art Ward

The first of its kind

Since 1958 when the hospital was officially opened, no major renovations were done which saw most of the wards’ infrastructure deteriorating with B4 being the worst. The walls and floors of B4 got dilapidated with the wooden floor tiles peeling off exposing both staff and patients to risk of falling as well as making it difficult to move beds and wheelchairs.

Despite the harsh economic conditions and high patient turnover, the Hospital Board and  Management decided to prioritise renovations of ward B4 leading to the temporal closure of the ward on the 29th of November 2013. The ward was renovated and acquired state of the art equipment which includes beds and lockers, modern roof mounted blinds for privacy.

Floors were tiled and walls were neatly painted and there was procurement of new linen and night dresses. The ward was then officially opened on the 4th of June 2014. Sincere gratitude goes to the Hospital Board and Management for embarking on this venture of renovating the ward and making Harare Central Hospital be at par with other international standards of wards.